Onion – one of the healthiest foods

Onions are one of the healthiest vegetables known to mankind. They comprise enormous amounts of vitamins, have healing and anti inflammatory properties.  It is therefore not surprising that they are one of the main elements of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The elements that are responsible for the healing power of onions are glycosides. What is more, when eating onions, you supply your organism with a whole range of enzymes, for instance ferments, which are responsible for a proper digestion process, sulfur, iron, phosphor and calcium.

Onion is also an antibiotic. It acts as an antiseptic by destroying bacteria, which is very useful in skin infection treatments. Even staphylococcus aureus can be eliminated with onion. Moreover, it eases wound healing and helps in acne treatments. In the case of a burn, onion compresses are recommended.

When talking about external use, onions can be used in millions of dishes. They can be served and eaten in various forms: raw, cooked or grilled. It is recommended by dietitians to eat lots of onions during fall and winter. The risk of getting a cold or flu is then lower.

Consumption of onions is also recommended by blood clots. It is the only substance in the world that, when eaten regularly, can prevent blood clots from forming.

To sum up, when eating onions we satisfy not only our taste buds but also our organism.

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