Frozen products

onion and cube of ice isolated on white backgroundFrozen products are processed in the technology IQF. It allows freezing fragile and loose products, like diced onion, individually. They do not lose their taste and their appearance does not change during the process. Thanks to this, they are easier to use professionally and at home.

Our modern and sophisticated producing lines, together with the highest hygienic standards create a product of the highest quality.



Our products:

  • frozen shallots
  • frozen yellow onions
  • frozen red onions
  • frozen garlic
  • frozen leek
  • frozen pumpkin

Our products are packed in bags from 75 g to 2500 g, with or without a zip.
They are available cut (3 mm to 20 mm), diced or sliced, or loose in 10 kg cartons and 15-20 kg plastic bags.