Frozen food storage

We offer frozen food storage services.

Our modern plant allows for the storage of, among others, frozen fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, ice cream, meat and bread.


The highest standard in storage

  • Mobile pallet racks
  • Constant temperature -18°C
  • Temperature monitored 24/7
  • Handling of EURO 80x120 pallets and 100x120 industrial pallets
  • Pallet height up to 2.05 m
  • Products in collective packaging (bags, cartons, octobins)



Our factory is IFS, BRC and BIO certified.
We also have a veterinary permit for the storage of meat products.

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Allium has been providing professional service and the highest quality since 2009.

  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Quick and trouble-free contact
  • Easy access via the S5 expressway
  • Convenient unloading and loading hours (6-22)
  • Attractive prices
  • Product safety

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